The Veddah, an indigenous people of Sri Lanka, embody a living connection to the island’s ancient past. Dwelling harmoniously with nature, the Veddah maintain unique customs, language, and a profound understanding of the jungle. Renowned for their hunting and gathering skills, they navigate the lush landscapes with an intimate knowledge passed down through generations. The Veddah’s traditional lifestyles and rituals reflect a resilient cultural tapestry amidst modernization. Encounter the Veddah, delve into their captivating stories, and witness their dance, a poignant reminder of Sri Lanka’s diverse heritage and the enduring spirit of a community intricately woven into the island’s narrative.

9 Days - 6 Nights
Embark on a 10-day wildlife odyssey through Udawalawe, Yala, Galoya, Wasgamuwa, Minneriya, and Wilpattu. Immerse yourself in the diverse habitats of Sri Lanka, encountering magnificent...
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